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I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 2

I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 2
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Mitch’s Musings

Summer sipping. Summer is here with the week being bathed in sunshine. June has always been one the biggest of months for politics. In 1940, it saw the final rise of Mr Churchill as the country clung to him and the resolve he embodied, after faltering and being resolute to be irresolute.

In 2022, the current PM who has written extensively about his hero, clung to power. Arrogant, deceitful, self-promoting, thrusting, rash and full of bluster. That is what they said about Churchill in his own party, the civil service, and the establishment elite. It sounds familiar. The weather in June in 1940 was outstanding, like this week. I fear that is where the comparison will end, but one can never tell.

It is always harder to choose a bottle to suit summer sipping when beef is involved. A heavy claret is destined for colder months, or at least the evening. Chateau Cambon is an excellent choice of Gamay, and a classic. In modern age of smashed glass ceilings, it is the produce of Marie Lapierre, wife of the godfather of Gamay Marcel. She, with her son, produce outstanding wine ideal for such an occasion.

My bottle was shared whilst discussing with a potential new client, his background in worldwide expertise in mineral mining and the changing landscapes (literally) of mineral exploration for renewables.

A great mix for our Agricultural Fund and high growth ESG Sustainable Fund. Different angles on deals and investment structures were passionately discussed whilst enjoying mouthfuls of Long Horn Sirloin Beef from our own Littondale herd, and heaps of summer salad. Cheers to Marie for breaking new ground. Cheers to my lad for the beef.
North of the border is an interesting place. On the day that the SNP announced another independence campaign (one loses count), I was invited to lunch and visit the site of a company passing our early rounds of investment committee (the sniff and taste test.)

It was an excellent meeting discussing their market space, disruptive competitive advantage, and a convivial, knowledgeable management team. Our investment team have done the excellent preliminary work and it was my chance to meet and greet. Full investment committee beckons. It will have my backing.
In the Scottish capital we discussed challenges and opportunities over some excellent fish and a glass or two of La Scolca Gavi. A junior sipper, but perfect for the menu, conversation and ideal to stay clear of politics. The weather in Edinburgh was hot, but not quite North Italy.


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