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I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 4

I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 4
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Mitch’s Musings

London meetings. Disrupted and infuriating. At Traditum, we continue to launch our agricultural fund, which is very popular in turbulent times for investors. Longer term, asset backed equity. For the whole equity market, Traditum flexibility highlights the benefits of long-term equity in estates or agriculture, technology innovation or UK manufacturing. The right management teams allocating the right capital will drive our economy forwards. I just wish this train would move forwards.

In 411 BC, where my daughter says my dress sense originates, the Athenian women called Lysistrata made, famous by Aristophanes and his play, to demand the end of the Peloponnesian War. The women withheld sex from the men in the battle, until they stopped fighting. If only the relations between the train staff and their bosses were closer, they could sort this out between themselves, adopt Athenian strategy, and I could get to my London meetings easier.

I was recently reading that woman in the US are adopting a similar strategy to protest the legislation changes on Rode vs Wade. I overheard yesterday, while sat quietly minding my business, my daughters chatting about the latest scandal from Love Island. Give me strength Dionysus.

I do not see how the Lysistrata action by protesting US females affect the Supreme Court judges, even if a few of the appear to have a twinkle in their eye and are liberal in many ways for a conservative bunch. It is the quiet ones you know I thought. Trying not to listen to my daughters excited discussion, discovered to my dismay the current contestants of love island do not care about Rode vs Wade, or probably have ever read about Lysistrata, or probably cannot read. I kept my head down and did not join in the conversation. I do feel sorry for ordinary US males though. I do not think they made the ruling, did they? Poor chaps.

Speaking of Islands, our Traditum Chairman, a dear friend, regularly visits Corsica and prior to summer holidays we enjoyed a bottle of Abbatucci. A rare wine made from the Carcajolo Nero. The grape which almost went extinct is native to Corsica and revived by Charles Abbatucci since 1950. It is as good as many top Burgundian powerhouse, but retains a rustic, authentic, texture. A lunch of BBQ lamb in the sun would has no better accompaniment. While remember the recent experience it triggered a final thought.

In Lysistrata, the women achieve what they desire, the men stopped fighting. However, male female relations were scarred, and gender arguments raged for months, and disharmony ensued in all households. I do not think commuters have much sympathy with train driver woes as they want to get to work, go on holiday and see their family and friends. It may well backfire on the unions and those they fund or who cross the picket lines. If I get back from these meetings and return home to the greener lands of the Yorkshire Dales, I think I will open another bottle, BBQ some more my sons lamb, and vow never to watch Love Island or go to war.

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