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What is green technology?

What is green technology?
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Green technology is used to describe the use of innovative technologies to create products and services that mitigate against, and in some cases even reverse, human impact on the environment.

Green technology is used to describe the use of innovative technologies to create products and services that mitigate against, and in some cases even reverse, human impact on the environment. Green tech is also closely related to clean tech, which refers specifically to products or services that improve operational performance whilst simultaneously reducing costs, waste, energy consumption and other negative externalities that have effect on the environment. Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business, Energy and CleanGrowth Minister, has commented that the UK is tackling climate change by”becoming the first major economy to legislate for net zero emissions by2050″. With this all in mind, green tech is anticipated to play a major role in the UK’s movement to net zero.

Examples of Green Technology


Green tech is used in the recycling process, as well as in waste incineration. Recyclable material can be used when manufacturing plastics, fertiliser, and fuel. Green tech can also be a part of the production process, such as processes to recycle water or waste in the manufacturing process.


Green tech is used to purify water resources around the world. In parts of the world where there is a scarcity of water green tech can be employed to purify dirty water or remove salt from sea water to increase the availability of clean drinking water.


Green tech is used in processes that purify the air by reducing carbon emissions and gases that are /have been released into the air from as a result of manufacturing plants.


Green tech can be used in processes intended to conserve energy, such as energy-efficient light fixtures. Green tech is also used to create alternative fuel sources that are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels typically create waste as a by-product of their production. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric dams are all examples of green technology because they are safer for the environment and don’t produce waste at the same level of greenhouse gas by-products. Besides the environmental benefits of these alternative energy sources, they can also be used to power anything from homes to utility power plants.

What is the need for green technology?

As it becomes more and more obvious that we are suffocating our planet with the pollution we create, there is a pressing need for a solution. The active use of green tech can help significantly reduce pollution. That is why both the developed and some of the developing world are turning to this type of technology to help them protect the environment from the aggressive impacts of climate change. Although the problems with pollution are old enough, green tech is a relatively new idea. It is now becoming more popular as people start to realise the potential for these innovative technologies. With green tech being progressively recognised as more and more of a global necessity rather than a luxury, it has since become one of the fastest growing sectors . It is now more than ever essential that our planet is protected, and green tech is one way in which we can move in the right direction in combatting climate change.

What’s behind green tech investing?

Green tech investing, also referred to as clean tech investing, involves the selection of investments in companies with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, products and services. While some clean technologies offer improvements that increase resource productivity and efficiency, others decrease environmental impact. As green technology continues to emerge as a growing force, several strong industry clusters have emerged with varying levels of investment as innovation trends emerge and change. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) breaks green industries into the following categories: wind, solar, biofuels, biomass, small hydro, geothermal, and marine. As global green technology investments have grown, so have the number of countries participating.

What are Traditum doing around green tech?

Traditum are currently involved in the green tech space via Novo Mundo. As is their namesake, Novo Mundo are focussed on building a new world free from discarded, burned or buried waste. As discussed earlier, Novo Mundo’s project comes under the energy category of green tech, through the use of a waste to energy model. Without getting overly technical, Novo Mundo are producing Low Carbon Liquid Fuels (or LCLF’s) which will take advantage of the current infrastructure as ‘drop in’ fuels, meeting current specification restrictions whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions aiding the UK in its ambitious goal of reaching net zero by 2050.

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