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Family Office: What's Next?

After a liquidity event High-Net-Worth families or individuals often ask themselves, ‘What’s next?’. Many will reflect on how they can give something back and there are several routes they can explore to do this.

Whether you want to be hands-on or off, have a seat on the Board or be a mentor, many businesses appreciate the experience and mentoring that can come from an investor. And investing in all formats can be both financially and mentally rewarding.


We believe there are three main investing routes open to our Family Office clients looking to reinvest. You can:

  1. Invest yourself with a minority stake.
  2. Passive investment utilising a Fund Manager to manage the investment.
  3. Active Investment becoming a minority shareholder, taking up a place on the Board.


Bringing your business skills and supporting charities or trusts financially can be very satisfying, especially for a cause which lies close to your heart.


Giving something back through volunteering your time in any capacity for local charities or community foundations can be enormously rewarding. Whether that be through spending your time ‘hands-on’ or by raising funds or providing advice and guidance.

Becoming a NED

Sharing your expertise, knowledge and experience is another way of giving back through helping a younger business achieve growth and success.

  • Transitioning to a non-exec role takes some adjustment and a change of leadership style. Hear from Elise Perraud how organisations like NedsOnBoard can help support the transition, as well as equip you for your new role.

  • The pathway to a non-executive career can be diverse and varied. Georgina Mitchell shares with us how she became a portfolio NED and what her learnings were along her journey.

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