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I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 6

I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 6
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Mitch’s Musings

It is with a sense of severe anger, and dismay I notice how football players and managers behave live on internationally televised games.

I see managers shouting at officials, inches from their faces, aggressive, disrespectful boarding on the violent, blatantly using foul language. All live on TV.
Players are often signaling their virtue about noble causes to then when a whistle goes abuse the referee. Some players and pundits are voices for political points or even openly ambassadors for a particular party. But what happened to basic values of manners or humility? I am sure all their views would be more respected if the culture was different.
What better role models they all could be to the millions of young people watching. When the person in charge of the team does it, so will the players, so will the fans. It can give you gout just thinking about it all.

Rugby union this season has tightened up more than ever their management of disrespect to officials. Just one swear word uttered to the ref from a player or coach and a straight red card is the result. A concept worth sharing. Red cards at any level of the game, under 11’s even matter. Five in any one season, and the senior club have points deducted.
Speaking of straight reds. As autumn evolves and clocks change, I suggest you try Chateau Le Puy. A wonderful wine which I recently drank with wonderful people. Le Puy 2015 is rare with only a few thousand bottles and a specialist importer is required. Certain good restaurants will stock but very few. The 2015 is stunning and the wine has all the hallmarks of an outstanding claret. Littondale cellars have good stocks. I recommend doing the same.

I recently opened a few bottles for clients and some of the Traditum team including our newest recruit, Trevor Sherlock.

The menu was a 2017 Puligny Montrachet to start with Braden roast salmon and brown butter. Caught and smoked in Lock Fyne where the author married the current Mrs. Mitchell. Our leading Burgundian accompaniment and Mrs. M have the characteristics of the western highlands. Stunningly beautiful, with patience and class.

The main event was confit duck and the Le Puy. The guests were highly successful business owning families from Wigan. Nothing could be in further contrast with their values compared to those displayed by football. Humility, respect, and benchmarks of excellence in all they do and have done. They have Traditum Character. True gentlemen.

The Le Puy 2015 rounded off the autumnal duck and flowed after dinner with conversation about not only private equity but parliamentary democracy, economic outlooks, and the impacts on costs of living and current investable sectors. This was mixed with what rugby league has brought to union game. Coaches, professionalism, and differing styles of play. Two different games but which share, like my guests, a set of values to be admired. Values which cross backgrounds, boarders, class divides and rugby codes.

Enjoy the Le Puy readers it is worth seeking out. If you have never tried it before, Braden roast salmon from Loch Fyne is excellent and with that, a 2017 Burgundy is the real winner.
Cheers and good health.

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