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About Us

Traditum was created in 2019 by two high-net-worth families. After looking for a more personal, bespoke, tax-efficient private equity fund in which to invest, our founders could not find anything that met their standards and reflected their values, so set upon the idea of creating their own.

And so Traditum began. 

The appointment of David Mitchell as CEO was formalised, as someone who shared the vision and purpose of Traditum, to create a private equity fund that would serve families for generations.

Today our vision is known as 2119.

Our 2119 vision is to help our clients build a robust, sustainable, long-term financial legacy for future generations.

It is called this to reflect a date 100 years from the date Traditum was founded it reflects our commitment to building relationships with clients and businesses which support investment value with longevity.

Traditum’s structure enables flexible investments for clients and investee companies. 

This approach means we do not operate as a traditional private equity fund structure with pre-determined exit dates.  This allows us to create unique, innovative equity structures which are sympathetic to longer term business planning.

Our investment companies can have confidence in their funding to build engaging and ethical employment, generating productive new strategies for thriving local communities and the wider UK economy.

Traditum gives control to you, the client. We inform you of selected deals designed to fit your strategy and preference precisely, only inviting you to invest on a deal by deal basis.

This kind of control and empowerment has previously only been available in FTSE investment portfolios. Now Traditum brings it to UK private equity.

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