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I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 7

I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 7
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Mitch’s Musings

Is it me? I do not know if this applies to your household, but we have a 7th person live with us in the rolling hills of the dales. They are called Notme, first name, It was. They appear regularly.

I am not a fan. Make no mistake, they tick me off! They steal my phone charger. They leave the toilet unflushed. They stack the dishwasher with the plates too close together, so they do not wash. They let the working dogs in the house. They leave the groundsman’s tools out in the fields. They even put the bloody HP sauce back in the cupboard when it is empty, not telling Mrs Hall to add it to the list.

I have never met them, but Itwas Notme appears daily. I have never seen them and cannot find how to get rid of them and when I try to eradicate them, Mrs Mitchell tells me I am being too harsh, so to the study I retire, and open a bottle.

The tonic for such annoyance, is a true gift from Bacchus. Rare like the sightings of Notme, is a bottle of a 2005 Domanie Arlaud Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru.

On this occasion I remember it for the company of whom it was drunk with as much as the quality of the viticulture. But what a bottle we enjoyed. Welcome George Lyall to Traditum. After his interview in Littondale over the fantastic Burgundy and of course some home reared beef, and Mrs Hall’s chips, we planned how he can add some Celtic class to our growing team and his impact. I cannot wait.

George joins the client services engine room. In my beloved sport of rugby, the backs often get the glory like our deal makers, doers and completers in the deal team led by Iain Marlow. The client team provide them the ball. Although, it is not all bad. Building long standing relationships with high-net-worth individuals and their families is exceptionally rewarding.

George is experienced in just that, and he knows a thing or two about the consumption of suitable refreshment over which conversations, friendships and relationships are developed and built.

After a few glasses the current Mrs Mitchell alone could understand the Scottish slang as they conversed in their own dialect and with a Gaelic bond. Like all the Traditum team George has a passion for the Proper and is a welcome addition to join his long-standing friend Trevor Sherlock. Humility, respect, commitment. Work hard and play hard. Traditum Character.

I write this on remembrance Sunday. Dulce et Decorum est, but too many have. If only more would read history. There are lessons to be learnt, and, for those who ignore it, you do so at your peril.

I am enjoying the latest series of Rogue Heroes having read the book by Ben Macintyre. A rare gem for the out of touch Auntie. My grandfather was in the dusty dessert where the regiment was formed and was very much part of it, finishing his war in Berlin. My youngest son wishes to follow, and it may be the only organisation which can cope with him. I think he is friends with Notme. Apparently, the phantom 7th member of the Mitchell clan is close to all my children. They know him well. I need another bottle of Domaine Arlaud and if you see Notme, let me know.


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