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I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 8

I am, therefore I drink – Chapter 8
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Mitch’s Musings

Henri Prudhon was born in 1921, the founder of an estate which produces wonderful Burgundy wines. There are plots in Chassagne Montrachet, Puligny Montrachet and Saint-Aubin. Stonelands cellars stock them all, and the saintly latter was chosen to accompany our summer BBQ for the staff at Traditum.

The event is the family informal gathering, setting a different tone to the black-tie dinner at New Year. 42 sitting down for a late long lunch, it brings a fusion between traditional English summer and European al fresco dinning. Children running wild, laughter echoing around the sound of the countryside, and colleagues breaking bread, building relationships, and sharing a glass.

Of course, a few hours previous, with rain falling, a thumb from the author severed in food preparation and the odd outdoor kitchen malfunction, fuses reality with ideal. But all turned out OK in the end. The St Aubin 1er Cru was a fitting accompaniment.

Henri Prudon passed the business down the generations and now, Vincent and Phillipe make fabulous wines which you should try. We drank the 2020 vintage which showed the Burgundy region’s ability to produce an outstanding wine young, rather than an older claret more suitable for a different season. The wine tastes of summer, with a balance of citrus acidity and freshness but enough depth and finish to compliment the bradan roast salmons (all six of them!) the party enjoyed.

Memories were built on this wine, and comedy followed each glass drunk. The working dogs which were roaming amongst the guests unfortunately urinated on the odd chair leg, marking their territory and full of swagger and testosterone as our bitch Annie is on heat, locked away in safety, but flirting through her kennel bars far from the party.

The rain from the morning, reminding me that the Yorkshire Dales is not Northern Italy or Provence, created an element of give in the ground for the urine-stained chair legs to sink, but the landing of the guests was cushioned by the green grass.

The teenage daughters, and some of their mothers swooned at Callum the singer who played guitar throughout the afternoon. An excellent voice, talented musician, and young man. In response, plenty of the male members joined the children in the pool between courses, to the dismay of partners and the delight of the kids. Callum did not. He just continued with his musical set. The cover of do you think I am sexy by Rod Stewart was particularly relevant. Funny stuff this Saint-Aubin, it brings to life the taste buds, and the soul.

As the evening matured, and the party moved to the outdoor bar by the fire, touching me and touching you was the call from dearest Caroline who I understand is sweet. Team bonding continued with dancing.

While watching friendships and culture develop and reflecting quietly on my efforts of the day, I opened a bottle of 2005 Domanie Arlaud Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru to selfishly enjoy on my own.

Written about in November with the article Itwas Notme who visits my house regularly, the wine welcomed George Lyall to the team. Now fully integrated, all one can say is, George is a fan of Caroline.

I am a fan of the Traditum culture, drinking Saint Aubin and Arluad Chamres.

Summer my dear reader, is for Burgundy.

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